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Create a charm bracelet!!!!!!!
You design the perfect charm bracelet to fit your style!!!!!!!
Our basic custom charm bracelet comes with the stainless steel bracelet of your choice (all bracelets are stainless steel unless otherwise noted) and two charms of your choice for $15.99,
Additional charms are $2.50 each, and if you would like to substitute your bracelet for a sterling silver bracelet that is $15, or if you would like to substitute your bracelet for a link bracelet (link bracelet is only compatible with dangle charms) that is $23.99,
First, you choose a bracelet: Choose the style and color you like from the bracelet options pictured,
Next, you choose your charms: Choose how many charms you would like (A bracelet  is complete with 1 or many charms & it can hold 17-24 charms depending on the sizeof the bracelet), then you choose which specific charms you would like (charms are pictured with a number next to them, when checking out let us know what # charms you would like),
There will be a spot for you to let us know which specific charms you want at checkout,
You also can add name charms to your bracelet.  The personalized name bead charms are $10 and the custom name bead charms are $32.99 (both are pictured),
Next, you choose if you would like a safety chain or stopper beads.  The purpose of a safety chain or stopper beads is to stop your beads from falling off your bracelet when you open and close the bracelet to put it on and take it off.  We recommend getting a safety chain or 2 stopper beads.  Each stopper bead is $4 and the safety chains are $4
You will be able to let us know which style stopper or safety you want (if any) at checkout,
All bracelets are 3mm thick and fit all Pandora charms and European charms,
All charms fit all Pandora bracelets and European bracelets,
You can remove the charms on the bracelet, add new ones, or wear the bracelet without any charms at all,
You get: A custom charm bracelet designed by you!!!!!!!
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